Training with Andrea Ager

I can’t even put into words how awesome yesterday was! Not only did I get to meet the one and only Andrea Ager, my most favorite CrossFitter ever, but I was trained by her!
IMG_4854If you don’t know who she is, you will after next year’s CrossFit Games, I promise. You might even recognize her from one of my first posts, where I wrote about my changed perception of the perfect body. When I say she is my most favorite CrossFitter ever, I’m not kidding! Meeting her for me is only how I can imagine a 13 year old girl feels when she meets Justin Bieber. I have watched every countless videos of her on YouTube and have followed her career over the past year so I jumped at the opportunity to meet and train with her!

This was such a spur of the moment decision for me and I am the farthest thing from an impulsive person so I still can’t believe it truly happened. It all started at about 4 pm Saturday night as I was looking through Instagram and saw a picture that Andrea had posted from CrossFit Midlothian (just south of DFW). I immediately did more research to figure out why in the world is Andrea Ager in Texas (other than the fact that it’s the most awesome state ever)?! That’s when I found this…Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 10.52.22 PMI honestly figured there wouldn’t be any spots available with it being so last minute, but to my surprise there was!! That’s when I immediately called Cooper to freak out tell her Andrea Ager was in the Dallas area coaching a workshop, there are spots left, and ask her if it was crazy that I’m considering going?!?! Cooper also loves AA so when she said it wasn’t crazy and she would go if I did, I didn’t even have to think about it one second more! We both got online at the same time and purchased our tickets! It was a done deal!

Even though I didn’t get much sleep because I was too excited, it was super easy for me to wake up at 5:45 Sunday morning to get ready and hit the road for the 2 1/2 hour drive! Here we are bright and early, ready for one of the best workouts EVER!
IMG_4824We were both a little nervous to attend the workshop since neither of us are too experienced in the Olympic Weightlifting side of CrossFit but our nerves were quickly relaxed when we saw there were all levels of people there. Then, we saw Andrea and just got waaayyy to excited to be nervous!

After we warmed up, Andrea and Kendrick first taught us the Snatch. We all practiced with a PVC pipe while Andrea and Kendrick walked around making sure our form was correct!
IMG_4830  IMG_4827
We then moved on to the bar and I couldn’t wait to get some one on one feedback from Andrea. She was super attentive to each and everyone of us and had lots of helpful tips. You can just tell how much she loves CrossFit when she speaks! This was the first time I had ever put weight on the bar for a snatch and got up to 70 pounds with multiple reps!

IMG_4835After the snatch, it was clean and jerk time. Look at Cooper go! Having only been CrossFitting about 3 months, she really impressed me! She definitely isn’t afraid to throw that bar around!
IMG_4842I ended up clean and jerking multiple reps at 95 pounds which was a first for me. I was happy with how much I increased in just 4 hours of training but I can’t wait to try it again now that I feel more comfortable snatching and clean & jerking!
IMG_4845There were 30 people who attended the class and it was nice getting to meet some other people from all different areas! It’s crazy how you instantly feel like you know someone because of the love y’all both share for CrossFit.Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 9.52.38 PMAfterwards, we got to take a few pictures! Here are Cooper and I with Kendrick Farris. This guy is a beast! Watch for him in the 2016 Olympics!
IMG_4855Then it was time for pictures with my wannabe BFF! I think we make a good trio! ;)
IMG_4856 Training with Andrea Ager was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget. It reaffirmed my love for CrossFit and my admiration for my most favorite CrossFit idol!

To top the day off, I posted a picture on Instagram of my most amazing day ever and Andrea Ager herself “liked” it!! Yesterday was just surreal for me!!
IMG_4858  IMG_4857

  • Elizabeth Nobles

    i LOVE it!! SO jealous!! ummm I hope she comes back through Texas soon (the hubs and I are moving to Dallas!!!!!)

    • Kylie @ Lip Gloss & Lunges

      Y’all are moving to Dallas?? That’s so exciting! I love Dallas!! What’s making y’all move?

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